MongoDB and Python

MongoDB and Python

I needed a database for the Web App I'm making and thought a document store would be nice, because it makes it really easy to look up attributes of objects I store in it. Given I've been hearing good things about MongoDB the past year, I decided to finally give it a serious try. So I picked up MongoDB and Python: Patterns and processes for the popular document-oriented database hoping to pick up some best practices.

Sadly the book is really basic, so while it was helpful to get the hang of the syntax, I could have learned that from their documentation. They reuse a lot of code between examples, making them rather repetitive and don't really show off any examples that show the benefits of having a document store like MongoDB. Furthermore, the book is only 53 pages, which really doesn't justify the price. So I'd skip this one and just go for the online documentation and experimenting yourself.

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